Koha 3.8.6 ya disponible

Koha 3.8.6 ya disponible

Ya tenemos la última versión de la serie 3.8, la siguiente ya será la 3.10 un importante avance para bibliotecas académicas.

La versión 3.8.6 es una versión de mantenimiento y corrección de bugs de la serie 3.8.x, es muy interesante una actualización de todos los sistemas 3.8.x

Release Notes 3.8.5

Highlights of 3.8.6
7589	blocker	tinymce editor broken in .deb packages - in 'en' templates
3652	critical	XSS vulnerabilities
8379	critical	Encoding problem under Plack
8497	critical	Strange behavior when modifying the 'timeout' system preference.
Bugs fixed in 3.8.6
4173	normal	Statuses not appearing in the OPAC
6037	normal	Invalid markup, missing breadcrumbs on Keyword to MARC Mapping page
7643	normal	Can't upload and import zipped file of patron images
8175	normal	items.materials check logs error or displays incorrectly in details.pl
8350	normal	Searching for a 10 or 13 digit string (with a number in it) that does not exist in one's catalog will fail to affect SQL statement correctly in C4::Breeding
8581	normal	Authority display doesn't like GND records
8617	normal	Problem with display of comments waiting for moderation in OPAC
8629	normal	update of statistics fields on fund selection in order creation/edition
8659	normal	Inactive funds in neworderempty not disabled in IE/Opera
8680	normal	Z39.50 searches for ISBN/ISSN problematic in the Acquistions Module
8700	normal	RESERVESLIP fields not being replaced correctly
8702	normal	System preferences search does not allow accented letters
8739	normal	Partial Fine Payments Saving Amount Paid Incorrectly
8744	normal	Thesaurus in authorities should not lock fields
8791	normal	OPAC UNIMARC XSLT details : subject with subfield 3
8796	normal	patron cards not starting on designated card
8810	normal	Opac: Cart should display branchname instead of branchcode
8873	normal	JavaScript error in Opac displaying tag cloud
7642	minor	The number that appears when hovering over a tag in the tag cloud isn't the number of items with that tag
7873	minor	Title sort in OPAC basket doesn't work
8441	minor	Hide MODS export for UNIMARC
8583	minor	Add a warning if a Z39.50 search is started from the "Edit biblio record" page
8711	minor	alternating colors messed up on reports
8721	minor	typo in AllowItemsOnHoldCheckout
8793	minor	Fix materialTypeCode/typeOf008 icons for NORMARC XSLT
8863	minor	When clearing a patron attribute, they are all cleared
8869	minor	Duplicate member check doesn't disable submit button on bottom.
8764	trivial	Template change "Authors" to "Additional authors" in OPAC
8772	trivial	Uninitialized variable triggers error log entry in smart_rules.pl
8850	trivial	Can't place hold on title with ILS-DI
8806	enhancement	Debian packaging updates
 Fuente: http://koha-community.org/koha-release-3-8-6/#more-3881

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