Koha 16.11.01 disponible

Koha 16.11.01 disponible

La comunidad de Koha se complace en liberar la versión Koha 16.11.01, una versión de mantenimiento.


It includes 34 bugfixes.

Critical bugs fixed


  • [14541] Tax rate should not be forced to an arbitrary precision
  • [17668] typo in parcel.pl listinct vs listincgst
  • [17692] Can’t add library EAN under Plack

Architecture, internals, and plumbing

  • [17676] Default COLLATE for marc_subfield_structure is not set
  • [17720] CSRF token is not generated correctly


  • [16376] Koha::Calendar->is_holiday date truncation creates fatal errors for TZ America/Santiago
  • [17709] Article request broken


  • [16914] Export csv in item search, exports all items in one line

Installation and upgrade (command-line installer)

  • [17292] Use of DBIx in updatedatabase.pl broke upgrade (from bug 12375)


  • [17344] Can’t set guarantor in quick add brief form


  • [15822] STAFF Advanced search error date utils
  • [16951] Item search sorting not working properly for most columns
  • [17743] Item search: indexes build on MARC do not work in item’s search

Web services

  • [17744] OAI: oai_dc has no element named dcCollection

Other bugs fixed

Architecture, internals, and plumbing

  • [17666] .perl atomic update does not work under kohadevbox
  • [17681] Existing typos might thow some fees when recieved
  • [17713] Members.t is failing randomly
  • [17733] Members.t is still failing randomly


  • [17395] exporting checkouts in CSV generates a file with wrong extension
  • [17761] Renewing or returning item via the checkouts table causes lost and damaged statuses to disappear

Hold requests

  • [17749] Missing l in ‘.pl’ in link on waitingreserves.tt

Installation and upgrade (web-based installer)

  • [17577] Improve sample notices for article requests

MARC Bibliographic data support

  • [17547] (MARC21) Chronological term link subfield 648$9 not indexed


  • [11274] Sent Notices Tab Not Working Correctly


  • [17652] opac-account.pl does not include login branchcode
  • [17696] Two missing periods in opac-suggestions.tt


  • [14699] Intranet search history issues due to DataTables pagination

Self checkout

  • [16873] Renewal error message not specific enough on self check.

Staff Client

  • [17670] Grammar mistakes – ‘effect’ vs. ‘affect’

Test Suite

  • [17714] Remove itemtype-related t/db_dependent/Members/* warnings
  • [17715] Remove itemtype-related t/db_dependent/Holds/RevertWaitingStatus.t warnings
  • [17716] Remove itemtype-related t/db_dependent/CourseReserves.t warnings
  • [17722] t/db_dependent/PatronLists.t doesn’t run inside a transaction
  • [17759] Fixing theoretical problems with guarantorid in Members.t

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