Koh 17.11.03 liberado

Koh 17.11.03 liberado

La comunidad de Koha se complace en anunciar que se ha liberado la versión de mantenimiento 17.11.03, el parche incluye 1 mejora y 43 correcciones



  • [10032] Uncertain prices hide ‘close basket’ without explanation

Critical bugs fixed

Architecture, internals, and plumbing

  • [20126] Saving a biblio does no longer update MARC field lengths


  • [4319] waiting and in transit items cannot be reserved

Command-line Utilities

  • [19730] misc/export_records.pl should use biblio_metadata.timestamp


  • [18477] AR_PENDING notice does not populate values from article_requests table


  • [18975] Wrong CSRF token when emailing cart contents
  • [19975] Tag cloud searching does not working
  • [19978] Fix ITEMTYPECAT feature for grouping item types for search


  • [20135] Staff client language choose pop-up can appear off-screen

Other bugs fixed


  • [19928] Acquisitions’ CSV exports should honor syspref “delimiter”
  • [20110] Don’t allow adding same user multiple times to same budget fund

Architecture, internals, and plumbing

  • [19827] checkuniquemember is exported from C4::Members but has been removed
  • [19985] TestBuilder.t fails if default circ rule exists
  • [20031] CGI param in list context warn in guided_reports.pl
  • [20056] Uninitialized warn in cmp_sysprefs.pl
  • [20060] Uninitialized warn from Koha::Template::Plugin::Branches
  • [20088] Use of uninitialized value in array element in svc/holds


  • [19530] Prevent multiple transfers from existing for one item
  • [20003] Result summary of remaining checkouts items not displaying.

Course reserves

  • [19230] Warn when deleting a course in course reserves

Fines and fees

  • [19750] Overdues without a fine rule add warnings to log


  • [11827] Untranslatable “Cancel Rating” in jQuery rating plugin
  • [20109] Allow translating “Remove” in Add Fund
  • [20124] Allow translating did you mean config save message
  • [20166] Untranslatable course reserves delete prompt


  • [20041] ILL module missing from more menu in staff when activated

Installation and upgrade (web-based installer)

  • [12932] Web installer’s Perl version check will not raise errors if all modules are installed


  • [20054] Remove attribute ‘text/css’ for style element used in the OPAC templates

Prevents warnings about type attribute being generated for style elements when testing the OPAC pages using W3C Validator for HTML5.

  • [20068] Warn on OPAC homepage if not logged in due to OPAC dashboard


  • [17108] Automatic debian/control updates (stable)
  • [20072] Fix build-git-snapshot for Debian source format quilt

REST api

  • [20134] Remove /api/v1/app.pl from the generated URLs


  • [18497] Downloading a report passes the constructed SQL as a parameter
  • [19669] Remove deprecated checkouts by patron category report
  • [19671] Circulation wizard / issues_stats.pl does not populate itemtype descriptions correctly

Staff Client

  • [20227] admin/smart-rules.pl should pass categorycode instead of branchcode

System Administration

  • [20091] FailedLoginAttempts is not part of NorwegianPatronDatabase pref group


  • [20051] Invalid markup in staff client’s header.inc
  • [20156] Staff client header language menu doesn’t show check mark for current language

Test Suite

  • [19705] DecreaseLoanHighHolds.t is still failing randomly


  • [20098] Inventory: CSV export: itemlost column is always empty

Web services

  • [13990] ILS-DI LookupPatron Requries ID Type

Z39.50 / SRU / OpenSearch Servers

  • [19986] ‘Server name’ doesn’t appear as required when creating new z39.50/sru server



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